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Welcome Danielle!


HCLC is delighted to welcome Danielle Brown to the Centre as an overseas intern.


Danielle Brown is postgraduate law student from the University of Richmond in Virginia on the east coast of the United States of America.  


Danielle is spending a month with HCLC as a legal intern before travelling to Cambridge to participate in a special University of Cambridge programme for overseas law students. Danielle is the daughter of an American mother and an English father.  


She was born in Luxembourg and spent her childhood years in Belgium and Italy before moving back to the USA with her family to Columbus, Ohio.  Danielle studied psychology and linguistics at the Ohio State University before then then deciding to embark on a career in the law. Danielle is hoping to become a criminal defence lawyer and her internship with HCLC is part of her efforts to familiarise herself with other countries’ legal systems. Danielle enjoys playing ‘Warhammer’ - a table top miniature strategy game - and is also currently writing her own strategy war game.  


She also likes hip-hop music, bird watching and hiking. Whilst in London, she is looking forward to visiting all of our wonderful museums, seeing the Houses of Parliament and taking a flight on the London Eye.


Welcome, Danielle!