Debt Advice

If you are having difficulties in dealing with debt problems you should always seek specialist advice. The Law Centre can provide advice, assistance and representation in this area of law.

We help hundreds of people every year with severe debt and money management problems. Our service includes negotiating with creditors and can include representation where necessary.

This includes:

  • Budgeting and prioritising debts
  • Checking whether there may be any benefits or tax credits you are entitled to
    Advice on whether you should accept or dispute liability for debts.
  • Negotiating repayment proposals with creditors
  • Advice with bankruptcy petitions

Where appropriate, we may be able to provide legal representation to defend County Court and High Court proceedings.

It is essential that before you see our debt advice project that you gather together all your financial papers. These should include any court papers and letters, bills and credit agreements, and details of your income and expenditure and that of your spouse or partner. This helps us assist you more effectively.